Delivery Information

The maximum period in which the money will be refunded upon undelivered shipment, canceled order or a problem with the shipment is 7 days from the moment when the customer contact us by an email or on the mentioned phone number.

Problems with delivery and goods, sent wrong item or damaged during delivery are solved by replacing or refunding the amount to the customer within 4 to 6 working days.


The customer has the right to refuse the delivered goods within 7 working days of receipt.


Client has the right to withdraw from the purchased products before they are shipped.

he amount will be refunded 4-7 woking days.


Client who wants to replace a product can write an email to майл адрс or call: телефонен номер



Upon delivery Client may authorize a relative or friend to receive the shipment.

If no one at the address consignment is delivered the next day.


If there is a problem with delivery address, the courier will contact a recipient to specify the exact address where the shipment can be delivered.


If you ordered product is not available in stock, we will inform you of this.

Products that are not available can be ordered and delivered in a longer period of time. send consignments provider company chosen by him.


After receiving an e-mail with the status "sent" delivery will be made ​​within 7-15 working days we send you a tracking number.


For questions about product orders and problems with the site you can write an email or call the following numbers: телефонен номер