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Bio Fit BCAA Liquid 80000 is a unique liquid form of branched chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and glutamine, manufactured in the most high-tech, modern methodology known in the world practice.High concentrations of the most important three amino acids (those with branched chain) and supporting existing glutamine in liquid form and vitamin B6, adopted before or after exercise, a powerful muscle-and muskulnopredpazvasht effect. Quickly enter the muscle cells and have as quickly as possible and beneficial effect on tired muscles workout. Protects muscles from damage and neutralize them quickly if they are caused workout.Bio Fit BCAAs Liquid 80000 is mandatory to use a dietary supplement quality muscle growth, strength and endurance.Increases the effect of any type of training sessions, especially when their main goal is myofibrillar hypertrophy.Accelerating the recovery processes of the muscular level (incl. Muscle glycogen) and, in combination with an isotonic drink, such as Iso Bio Tonic of the highest energy, concerning the whole organism.Czech producers are known for its high quality concentrated liquid formulations of amino acids, L-Carnitine, isotonics. About Bio Fit BCAAs Liquid 80000 are produced by Czech company FITCO, working on the most advanced cutting-edge technology ensuring absolute cleanliness and quality of production.Take before and after your every workout BCAAs Liquid 80000 with glutamine, to make sure that your muscles will keep its amino acid composition that ensures anabolism and anti-catabolism in them !!!The laws of quantum physics prove that intelligently conducted training along with synergistic products as BCAAs Liquid and Iso Bio Tonic Drink, regulated energy-information potential of the body and harmonize with the environment, increasing state of fitness level and sports form. It repeatedly, we at JK Fitness, we confirmed the practice of highly skilled competitors through successful work on our training system JK Fit Motion TNS and built food recovery programs supported by the above two products.In 100 ml of product contains: L-Valin 4900mg, L-Leucin 1300mg, L-Isoleucin 1200 mg, L-Glutamin 650mg, Vit. B6 4mg.Dosage: One dose of 20 ml of the dosing cap, is dissolved in water or another beverage and consumes before training. For best results, take another dose immediately after training.Packing: 1 liter, with the taste of orange, it contains 80000 mg of branched chain amino acids, glutamine, 6500 mg and 40 mg vitamin B6.Made of Bio Fit Supplements (USA) in Europe for the European market.

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