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Bio Fit Beef Protein Isolate 95 e high protein isolate containing natural amino acids found in pure beef. Calf protein Bio Fit is enzymatically hydrolyzed (pre-digested), which significantly shortens the time needed for pre-digestion and absorption, respectively, of the protein of muscle cells. There nico fat and carbohydrates - 0.2 g. Carbohydrates, 0.6 g. Fat and 23.7 g. Protein hydrolyzate at a dose of 25 g product. Rich in natural amino acids contained in the product reach quickly and without losses to the functioning or already tired muscle fibers, rebuilding loss of active muscle proteins. Particularly suitable for the human body amino acid profile (see table.), Restores and anaboliz muscles and prevents them from losing muscle mass. The biological value (BV) of Bio Fit Beef Protein Isolate reached incredible levels of 90%. In addition to ensuring a positive nitrogen balance, nutrient stimulates the production of AGF-1 (insulin like growth factor muscle) immunity, glucose metabolizam.Beef Protein Isolate 95 is a natural source of creatine and vitamini A, B, D. He contains gluten, has a high nutritional value, easy hranosmilaemost and excellent solubility. This makes it extremely suitable dietary supplement for people with special needs. Do not miss the opportunity to periodically replace your steak, beef protein Bio Fit with significantly less fat and no cholesterol! Dosage: Dissolve one tablespoon of 25 g. Of the powder in 250 ml. cold water or other beverage in hand blender or shaker. Shake 15-20 sec. and eat after a hard workout and / or between meals. Servings per container: 40. Packaging: 1 kg. flavored chocolate. Made in Germany Bio Fit. Importer: JK Fitness.

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