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FLASH PROTEIN of Bio Fit is a protein food supplement containing a matrix of 4 types of sources, whey protein isolate and concentrate obtained by high-tech cold treatment of whey, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin.The high biological value and the gradual and prolonged absorption of protein, make it extremely valuable for consumption after hard training leading to burning muscle amino acids. Provides complete their set at the correct ratio and ensuring the maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance for a long time after training.FLASH PROTEIN is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and glutamine, accelerate recovery processes. In order to fully absorb enriched with digestive enzymes (Bio Fit Zyme Complex).In addition to athletes of power sports, this protein supplement is suitable for observing low-carb diet, people leading an active lifestyle and those who need increased protein intake.If you have a longer time interval between meals or not eating after a full workout, take a dose of Flash protein to block the emergence of "catabolic window!"Attack muscles with the flash of Bio Fit - muscle sustained offensive by amino acid charge !!!Feel muscle density, increasing the action of delicious protein shake Bio Fit!SUGAR FREE and aspartame!Dosage: The contents of a dosing spoon (35 g) was dissolved in 300 ml. low-fat milk or water and consumed after exercise. For better results can be taken between meals or in the evening, as is tolerable intake in 2-4 doses per day.Packing: 5 lb / 2268 g. flavored with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla.Servings: 65.Manufacturer: BioFit (USA). Manufactured in Europe on the European market.

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