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Gain Blast of Bio Fit is a high quality formula for increasing body weight and muscle mass (gainer), which consists of four types of sources of protein - protein isolate and whey concentrate, milk protein (calcium caseinate) and ovalbumin.Gain Blast contain complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers) and pure crystalline fructose.Heavy drills aimed at improving the coveted muscle mass are associated with greater consumption of energetic resources that are needed to set gainer carbohydrates with different glycemic index. Some of them stimulate the production of muscle-enhancing hormone - insulin. His improvement is necessary immediately after the training session in order to stimulate muscle growth.The complex carbohydrates in Gain Blast, solves the issue of the restoration of glycogen losses in volume bodybuilders workouts.The delivery of a complex of amino acids from diverse protein matrix protein will offset the loss of burned in your workout own muscle amino acids.Carefully developed sinergiran complex of proteins and carbohydrates Gein Blast will solve complex tasks with muscle growth.All this makes Gain Blast, your ally in the process of improving body and muscle growth. Do not deprive yourself of it!Use the information provided by JK Fitness opportunity to become even better and more impressive!And believe me - it will be noticed!Specialist advice from JK Fitness: 1. Use reasonable gainers, though, they are products of carbohydrate-based. Very suitable for hardgeyneri (people with a fast metabolism, elevating hard body weight). 2. The carbohydrates in gainers are needed both for protein absorption (sparing effect) and to optimize the process of melting fat (efficiency of decomposition of fats in the cycle of Kreps). Turn them into use tailor! 3. Do not take gainers, bedtime! By concentration their use as a dietary supplement after exercise!Dosage: Dissolve two tablespoons of dosing of the product (about 75 grams) in 300-350 ml. water, milk or juice and drink shake after trenirobka. Even one or two doses of use between meals.Packaging: 1.5 kg. flavored with chocolate or vanilla.Poroizvoditel: Bio Fit (US). Manufactured in Europe for the needs of the European market.

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